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151 IGI: Antrim, of Belfast:0444902 DITTY, Elizabeth (I118)
152 informant on birth: Edward Baker
Previous issue: 1 female and 1 male deceased 
BEASLEY, George Henry (I333)
153 informant on death: Albert Baker (Brother) BAKER, Alfred (I14)
154 Informant: A Rattray, Chief Clerk, Lidcombe State Hospital & Home
Also BE E Dilworth - 1 Castlefield Street Bondi

09 May 1934 
DILWORTH, Joseph Henry (I131)
155 Informant: J McCormack - son, Robin Street, West Maitland MCCORMACK, Dennis Michael (I270)
156 Informant: J McCormack - Uncle -
age 7 weeks. 
MCCORMACK, William Bernard Durvett (I8110)
157 informant: A J Dilworth (son) 3 Everview Avenue Mosman
Minister: J D Mill (Baptist) 
BAILEY, Lucy (I139)
158 informant: Emily Harris - Sister - Clerk- Bundarra
Witness: Emily & William Harris
According to death certificate- Mother's maiden name was Nauraty - her name on her marriage certificate was "Ryan". 
SHOULDERS, Mary (I328)
159 Informant: F Richer _ Son present at death_29 North Road Walthamstow RICHER, Thomas (I4357)
160 informant: John Thomas Avery (Father)
Present at Birth: Mrs Ferrier
Registered: 1/11/1886 Gunnedah 
AVERY, Walter James (I21)
161 informant: S Jarriett - Brother in Law DILWORTH, Caroline (I126)
162 Informant: Sister Constance: Secretary: Little Sisters of the Poor Home, Randwick,
Undertaker: Wood Coffill LT
Minister: Hugh Leonard
Children of marriage: Epricene T 74, Frank, 71, Carrie, 62, Catherine M 60, Living: 6 Males & 3 Females deceased.
Father listed as John Shoulders, Mother Listed as Mary Beasley (Beasley being her second married name).
Usual residence: 25 The Causeway, Maroubra, Randwick

HARRIS -rhe Relatives and Friends of the late Mrs EMILY HARRIS are kindly Invited to attend her Funeral to leave Mount St Joseph s Convent Chapel Market Street Randwick This (Monday 9:30am) for Catholic Cemetry Rookwood 
SHOULDERS, Emily (I207)
163 informant: W Watson (Son) Manilla NSW WATSON, John (I61)
164 Informed by Walter Rodd


On the 30th of March; at Guligal, William D'Illworth?, after a long and painful illness, leaving a sorrowing mother and numerous friends to mourn their loss. Aged 19 years. 2768 
DILWORTH, William (I1526)
165 Inmante - age 85 SHOULER, John (I4850)
166 James Showler aged 44 of Lower Castle Street SHOULER, James (I4848)
167 John Baldwin son of Samuel and Mary his wife, late Warren, baptised 21st April 1804 BALDWIN, John (I49)
168 John died as a result of an accident after being crushed between a vechile and a gate QUIRKE, John (1) (I121)
169 John Showler John Showler, one of 185 convicts transported on the Countess of Harcourt, 29 April 1828 Bucks. Quarter Sessions 29th April, 1828 NSW

His death certificate stated that he was 42 (making him born around 1816), that he was from Ayelsbury and that he had been in the colony for 26 years, making his arrival to be about 1832 and aged just 16. The surname Shoulders does not appear in Buckinghamshire, but the variant surnames of Shouldar, Showler, Shouler, Shouldar to name just a few do. From checking the convict indents at the library this morning, both John & Thomas were from Aylesbury and on Thomas' indent, it stated that he had a 'cousin John' already in NSW for 3 years.

SHOWLER John Countess of Harcourt 1828 40/0846 15 May 1840 Certificate of Freedom [4/4358; Reel 1006] TL 33/758

SHOWLER John Countess of Harcourt 1828 33/758 Ticket of Leave [4/4090; Reel 920] District: Inverary; Tried: Bucks QS

ĘSHOWLER Thomas Georgiana 1831 38/1157 Ticket of Leave [4/4121; Reel 930] District: Goulburn; Born: Bucks; Trade: Ploughs; Tried: Bucks QS

ĘSHOWLER Thomas Georgiana 1831 49/0225 11 May 1849 Certificate of Freedom [4/4412; Reel 1026] TL 39/1157

Further research on Ancestry, (UK, Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books, 1802-1849) for John Showler and find that he was tried at Ayblesbury Buckinghamshire on the 15th January 1828 for stealing bacon, pork. Another record shows that John was 21 and that he is listed as being in custody before and of 'bad character'. The prison hulk register says that he was aged 21 in 1828, but the NSW convict indent lists him as only 20. This would make John Showler to be born around 1807. I'm not certain yet, whether the convict John Showler is the same person as John Shoulders, considering the difference in age between the two It would be easy if we knew the names of John's parents. A quick look at the NSW indexes, finds no deaths or marriages to a John Showler (or Shouler) after his arrival. 
SHOWLER, John (I258)
170 John, son of George SHOULER, John (I4844)
171 Joseph & Lucy were residing in Sydney at the time of their marraige and were aged 21 and 20 respectfully Family F37
172 lenghth of illness: 5 days
not married 
MCCORMACK, Thomas Frederick (I6382)
173 Length of illness: 10 days
Medical Attendant: W B H Wood
Informant: Pat McCormick - Son - Branxton
Minister & Religion: Thomas Rogerrs, Roman Catholic 
MCCORMACK, Patrick Arthur (I274)
174 Listed on mother's death certificate as being 61 years old (in 1949). Cannot find birth of Mary in NSW index's. HEBER, Mary Ellen (I2213)
175 Living with 9 other people (non relatives) Source (S141)
176 Living with daughter Maryann Rice and her husband James BALDWIN, John (I49)
177 living with Wife Mary, and children Samuel, George & James. RICE, Samuel (I4101)
178 Lizzie is recorded in the NSW BDM as 'Lizzie' but her death certificate has 'Elizabeth Margaret" DILWORTH, Lizzie (I132)
179 Located in 1851 UK Census (aged 96) Widower living with son Francis
Listed in the 1841 & 1851 UK census under the surname of Scutcher.

Surname spellings
SCUTCHER, James (I9194)
180 Louisa's father: George Thomas Matthews was apparently deceased at the time of this marraige. Cannot find any record of George's death before 1897. Mother's maiden name is listed as Beezley. Her maiden name was Shoulders. Louisa's grandmother, Mary Hanratty, married twice and her second marriage was to Edward Beezley. Family F1697
181 Maria Beasley, first married George Curtis in 1878. She later married Richard Hole in 1900. They both worked at one time at Laura Station. Maria's grave is still visable at Bundarra Cemetry. William Hole was born on the 22nd November 1866 and died on the 3rd April 1945. Patrick Kennedy of the INverell Family History Group wrote in 1985 that he had personaly known William & Maria Hole, and William Beezley. They were considered to be amongst the pioneers of the area. They were quiet and homely people. BEASLEY, Maria Jane (I337)
182 Maristrates inquiry held into death. Died on Christophe r Wicks Property SHOULDERS, James (I327)
183 Marriage 5 Jun 1734 by Banns
Edward SHOULER otp , Labourer
Sarah GHOST otp 
Family F2763
184 Marriage & Death Certifcate state first name is Caroline. Birth Registriation has Eliza MJ.
The informant on the death certificate was S J Jarrett - Brother in law. 
DILWORTH, Caroline (I126)
185 Marriage 14 Oct 1813 by Banns
William X SHOWLER otp
Judith Elizabeth X TURNER otp
Wtnesses Dorset Morgan Horwood John Bunce 
Family F2778
186 Marriage 22 Jan 1810 by Banns
John X READING otp
Sarah X SHOWLER otp
Witnesses Thomas Reading W Bunce 
Family F2779
187 Marriage 30 Apr 1803 by Licence
George X SHOWLER of Late of Aylesbury
Elizabeth X FREEMAN of Late of Aylesbury
Witnesses William Bunce Thos Collins John Miles 
Family F2776
188 Marriage Cert No. B026884 Family F50
189 Marriage Cert. No. B032669
Listed as Evelyn Jessie May Jackson for wedding. 
Family F15
190 Marriage index has the year of the marriage as being 1883 at Newtown. According to Catherine's death certificate she was 20 when she married. This would make her marriage year to be 1878. It appears from the BDM indexes that some of Charles & Catherine's Children were born prior to their marriage. Family F1083
191 Marriage soleminzed at the Register Office
Married before: George Gooding Registrar
Frederick was living at: 119 Warner Road Campberwell
Occupation was: Driveer Fld Arty.

Maude was living at 30 Northlands Street Coldharbour Lane Camberwell
Occupation: Ledger Clerk
Husband's age at marriage: 33y 5m 22d 
Family F2750
192 Married in the presence of A R Kelly and B C Dillworth Family F42
193 Married in the presence of James William Dilworth and Catherine Gladys Dilworth Family F43
194 Married on 11 Oct 1863.
Married at Greenwich, Middlesex, England 
BAKER, William George (I47)
195 Married on Apr 1859, Married at Suffolk BALDWIN, Eliza (I4197)
196 Married on Oct 1839
Married at Suffolk 
BALDWIN, Thomas (I4019)
197 Mary Ann Ryan was born at Williams Creek near Clarence Town about 1836. No record of her birth has been found. Her death certificate lists her father as being Arthur Hanratty, a Pig Merchant, her mother's names was listed as unknown. Her death certificate was listed under the surname of Brezley and not Beasley or Beezley. Mary Ann married John Shoulders in 1851 at the age of about 15 years. She was given consent to marry by her gurdian R G Massie. Mary died of Chronic Bronchitis and Senile Decay. Mary was buried on the 3rd July 1909 at the Church of England Cemetery Rookwood, New South Wales.

Information from Rookwood Index:

Date of Burial: 3.7.1909
Grave Number: 1439 Section: MM

Edward Beasley:
Date of Burial: 8.2.1886
Grave: 969 Section N

Mary married her second husband Edward Beezley/Beasley on the 21st October 1858, a few months after her first husband Johh died. Edward and Mary work on Laura Station for about 7 years. They were granted 40 acres of Laura Station. After leaving the land because of drought, Edward worked as a sleeper cutter and timber cutter between Tenterfield and Tamworth. 
HANRATTY, Mary (I8539)
198 Mary Died after 1960. She is listed as the informant on her brother's death certificate (George Thomas Mathews) in 1960 MATHEWS, Mary Ann (I5919)
199 Mary given consent by R G Massie Guardian. Her surname on the marriage is listed as Ryan but her death certificate states that her father's name was Arthur Hanratty. Family F68
200 Mary Ryan's father was listed as being Arthur Hanratty on her death certificate. This caused some confusion as upon her marriage her maiden name was Ryan. I found the death under Brezley. According to her death certificate her father's name was Arthur Hanratty, occupation being Pig Merchant.

On the death certificate of Mary Jackson (nee Shoulders) who died in 1880 , the eldest daughter of Mary, this shows her mother's surname as being Nauraty. When I saw this, I thought that maybe this was a mistake, but now that her death certificate says her father's surname was Hanratty, will make the assumption that this is what it was. Now to try and figure out why she used the surname of Ryan when she got married to John Shoulders. Do not know where the surname Ryan comes from (maybe she was adopted/fostered out?) but here is the information I have come up with since receiving a copy of the death certificate.

Found an Arthur Handratty in the 1841 census who was living at Dungong NSW. (details of the 1841 census on the sep page). I will make the conclusion that this Arthur Handratty is the same person and is the possible father of Mary seeing that he was living at Dungong (near Clarence Town) within 5 years of her birth.

Found a marriage between a Arthur Hanratty and a Ellen Hanratty in 1834 in NSW. Details on the microfilm is as follows:

Robert or Arthur Hanratty per Mangles 5 to Ellen Hanratty per Edward were joined together in wedlock by me this 19th day of September 1834 at Sydney.
Both Robert and Ellen were tried and convicted on the same date. Robert's surname in the Convict index's shows it as being Hauratly. In the convict marriage index's, it shows that Ellen's name was Eleanor Hanratty alias Moran.

Convict Indent for Robert is as follows:
Robert Hauratty alias Johnston (ref fiche 669 075 398 4/4013)
Arrived: 2nd June 1828 (note: not listed in the 1828 census) per Mangles 5
Native Place: Armagh Ireland
Trader: Carter
Offence: Picking Pockets
Where Tried: Monaghan Ireland
When: 7th August 1827
Received a certificate of Freedom 16/8/1834

Convict indent for Elleanor Hanratty alias Moranr
Age 24 - catholic
Arrived per Edward
Where Tried: Monaghan Ireland
When: 7th August 1827 (note: Tried on the same date as Robert above)
Offence: Stole money

1841 Census NSW

Males - 2 - between 21 & under 45
Females - 1 - between 2 & 7 (note: could this be Mary?)
Females - 1 - between 21 & under 45
Married Male- 1 (Arthur ?)
Single Male- 1 (not known)
Single Female- 1 (Mary?)
Married Female- 1 (Eleanor ?)
Civil Condition male 2
Other free persons: 1 born in colony and 1 other free. 4 roman catholic

Now I cannot be certain if this Robert/Arthur Hanratty alias Johnston and Elenaor Hanratty alias Moran are Mary's Parents. I have done a search for birth for Mary in NSW between 1830-1840, under all possible surnames (Ryan, Hanratty, Johnston and Moran), but to no luck.

Variant spellings of the surname Hanratty, that I have come across so far:
Hanratty, Hauratty, Heneratty, Henratty, Hayralty, Henritty, Handratty, Handrathy, Hanrathy, Henrighty, Hanretty, Nauratty. 
HANRATTY, Arthur (I8540)

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