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101 Cause:Probate Index: 491780 (p) BAKER, Herbert William (I11)
102 Check - don't know if death is the correct one. This has never been verified. Not enough information on certificate to determine actual death BEEZLEY, Edward (I3)
103 Consent given by Mother as Bride under the age of 21. Marriage under Margaret Family F402
104 Consent of Mary Ann Beezely the mother of the bride was given to the marriage of
Ellen Shoulders with George Mathews, the said being under the age of 21 years. 
Family F1876
105 County Kilkenny St Johns Civil Parish, Kilkenny Poor Law Union

Gowran & Shillelogher Baronies and Kilkenny City

Name: Quirke John
Number: 30
Page: 3
Townland: Radestown Cramer
Tithe Applotments 1827 
QUIRKE, John (1) (I121)
106 date of birth obtained from R Linklater - unable to find in NSW BDMindex's. QUIRKE, Nicholas (3) (I8352)
107 Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1839
Registration district: Sudbury Volume: 12 Page: 290 
BALDWIN, Samuel (I3742)
108 Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1851 Registration district: Sudbury Inferred County: Suffolk Volume: 12 Page: 310 BALDWIN, Thomas (I4019)
109 Death Certificate obtained for a George Robert Matthews died 1902 at Kelso age 75. Not correct Death

Death Certificate obtained for a George Mathews died 1894 aged 10. Not correct Death 
MATHEWS, George Thomas (I255)
110 death date obtained from Hilda Howarth - Gunnedah IRELAND, Alfred Alexander (I8446)
111 Despite Patrick's age listed as '19' on the shipping record - making his birth to be around 1835, a Patrick Quirk is listed with a baptism record in 1830 to parents John & Catherine nee Slattery. Baptism date: 25/03/1830

No other baptism record is listed for a Patrick to John & Catherine around 1835 
QUIRKE, Patrick (I307)
112 Details of Samuel's parents from Ancestry Family Tree (James Roots) BAKER, Samuel (I9658)
113 Does not appear in the Boggabri General Cemetry list - BAKER, Albert Samuel (I55)
114 Doyle, Mary, b. Kilkenny Ire, d. 12 Dec 1876, age: 78y, w/Michael, m DOYLE, Catherine (I8324)
115 Duration: 20 days. Medical Attendant: Dr T Howe

The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843-1893), Saturday 15 February 1879
Maitland Hospital.
(to the Editor of the UaiOand Mercury.)
DEAR SIR,-In pursuance of a resolution adopted at a special meeting of the committee held yesterday I am instructed to suggest that you will the good enough to publish the Following copies of correspondence between the Minister of Justice and Public Instruction and Mr. T. W. Pearse, Coroner, relative to the death of a person named William M'Cormack, who died in the hospital from the effects of severe burning.
I am, Sir,
Yours respectfully,
Secretary. Maitland Hospital, Feb. 14.
Sydney, 11th February, 1879.
SIR,-In compliance with request contained in your letter of the 6th instant I am directed by the Minister of Justice and Public Instruction to forward herewith a copy of the correspondence that passed between T. W. Pearse, Esq., Coroner, West Maitland, and this Department, respecting the death ef a man named William M'Cormack, a patient that died in the Maitland Hospital.
I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
W. E. PLUNKETT, Under Secretary. The Secretary Maitland Hospital, Weet Maitland.
West Maitland, October 21st, 1878. To the Under Secretary Department of Justice.
Sir-I have the honor to submit to you the following facts, and to ask for instruction for my guidance therein.
On the 3rd of October, William M'Cormack, was admitted as an in-door patient of the Maitland Hospital, suffering from severe burns on his left side ; he remained a patient of the hospital until the 20th October, on which dav he died, and was removed from the institution, the visiting surgeon giving a certificate as to the cause of death, was,, severe burns. No report of the death was made to the police, and no report was made to me of the death until this afternoon, and then by one of the surgeons of the Hospital, from inquiries instituted by the police, I find it was the intention to inter the body to-day at four o'clock, at Cessnock, so that no time was left for me to institute proceedings before the interment.
Rumours exist that the deceased was not kept clean while in hospital, and some correspondence has taken place in the local Press, and the necessity of an investigation into the management of hospital affairs, hence the reason of my submitting the case. I do not think any good could be obtained by ex- huming the body, but if thought desirable I could institute a magisterial inquiry. Awaiting your instructions in the case, I have, &c,
(Sig.) T. W. PEABSE, Coroner.
A. Magisterial Inquiry would perhaps be sufficient and tend to satisfy the public mind.
(Sig.) J.L.
23rd October, 1878.
(Mr. Pearse informed 23rd Ort,, 1878.)
Department of Justice and Public Instruction,
Sydney, 23rd October, 1878.
Sir-Referring to your letter of 31st instant, respecting death of a man named William Mccormack, who died in Maitland Hospital, and asking instructions as to holding an inquiry in the case. I am directed by the Minister of Justice and Public Instruction to inform you, that under the circumstances stated by you, a magisterial inquiry would perhaps be sufficient, and tend to satisfy the public mind.
I have &c,
(Signed) W. E. PLUNKETT, Under-secretary, T. W. Pearce,ŁCEsq" J.P., West Maitland.
*- West Maitland, October 30,1878.
To the Under Secretary Department of Justice.
SIR -I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your Communicator, of the 23rd instant, referring to the death of William McCormack at Maitland Hospital.
I sent your letter to the police office with a request that thev would make inquiries and report on the case which report I now enclose, and which may possibly be deemed sufficient in the case.
I have & c
(Sgn.) T. W. PEABSE, Coroner.
These papers show that no ground existed for complaint in respect of treatment received by William Mccormack in the Maitland Hospital, and the papers may now be filed. . . .""
(3gd-) J. L., 8th November, 18,8,
Police Department,
Superintendent office,
North Eastern District, , West Maitland, October 26, 1878.
Memo :-It having been reported to the Coroner that the relatives or friends of the man M'Cormack who died in Maitland Hospital from burns had complaints to make with reference to the neglectful manner in which Mr. M'Cormack was treated in Hospital. Constable Dunshea will calll upon them and send in their statements to me without delay
(Signed) E. V. MORRISET Superintendent.
Constable Dunshea, Lochinvar.
October 29,1878.
The information collected by Constable Dunshea in the supposed case of want of proper attention to a patient named Wm. M'Cormack, who died in the Maitland Hospital, is forwarded for Mr. PearseŁus information. _
(Signed) E. V. MORISSET,
Superintendent of Police. T, W. Pearse, Esq, J.P., &C &c
Grassybre, Oct. 28,1878.
Denis M'Cormack stated, that on the 1st of October,, between nine and ten o'clock p.m, he heard a noise which caused him to go the fire in the paddock, facing the house, when he saw the deceaced on the fire and verv much burnt. He lifted him up and pulled him off and brought him home. His right side was very much burnt.
Witness-John Dunshea, Constable, Lochinvar.
Grassybre, October 28,1878.
Mary Ann M'Cormick, wife of Denis M'Cormick, states that her deceased son William M'Cormick was well treated and every care taken of him while in the Hospital before his death, and the doctor attended him regularly every day, and did all that' could be done for him, and the matron and attendants gave him every attention and were very kind to him, and the Rev. Father M Cormick visited every day up to the time of his death, and that she has no fault to find with the Hospital Authorities whatever.
Witness:-John Dunshea,constable, Lochinvar.
Police Station, Lochinvar, October 28,1878.
Memo.-Mrs M'Cormick's statement forwarded herewith, She is the only person knows anything to her deceased son's treatment while in the hospital.
( igd.) JOHN DUNSHEA, Constable, Lochinvar.. To the Superintendent of Police, West Maitland.
In connecion with the foregoing, I may mention that Mrs. M'Cormack called upon me at the Council Chamhers on 5th Noy. last, and made a statement in presence of one of' our Aldermen, and a member of the Hospital - Committee, to the effect that a Constable from Lochinvar had called upon her, and made enquiries respecting the cause of her sons death. She informed him that he was subject to fits, during one of which he fell into the fire, and was so severely burned that he had to be removed to the Maitland Hospital.
In reply to his enquiries as to the treatment her son received whilst in the Hospital, she stated that he was well and kindly treated by the Doctor, Miss Morrow, and all connected with the place and that his clergyman visited, him every day. She further stated that she remained in the Institution with her son nearly all the time he was there, and during her absence her daughter was allowed to remain with him.
Mrs. M'Cormack gave us a grateful assurance of her extreme satisfaction of the conduct of Mr. Gorrick, and all the Staff of the Hospital, to herself and her son ; and concluded by saying that her son often remarked that there could not be a better place than the Maitland Hospital.

The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843-1893)
Saturday 8th February 1879

The next matter brought under tho notice of the committee was the late accident by burning to a young man named McCormick, from Cessnock, which resulted in the death of the young man after some days of suffering. Mrs. McCormick, tho mother of this unfortunate young man, had written a letter to the authorities of th% Hospital, thanking them for the kind attention bestowed upon her son while he was au inmate of that institution, and expressing her belief that everything possible was done for her son. It was stated that there had been some correspondence between the Minister for Justice and some parties in the neighbourhood of Maitland," in reference to the death of M'Cormick, and it was resolved to apply to the Minister for Justice for copies of all correspondence bearing on this matter.
It was decided to summon a full attendance of committee for Thursday next. After pas- sing several accounts for payment, the meeting terminated.
[We cannot give up the name of the writer.
His letter was not libellous. It was not calculated to seriously injure the Hospital itself, whatever effect it might have had (if true) on the present management. A public newspaper is necessarily open to publish such complaining letters, as to any persons or in- situations supported by public money. On the other hand, the committee having openly met the charges made, we cannot publish any further reply or comment without real signature being appended.-ED. M. M. 
MCCORMACK, William Bernard (I6397)
116 eberVincent E5313/10/1950SEC*M2*18**1171BurialROOKWOOD HEBER, Vincent Ernest (I1415)
117 Elizabeth Showler - Widow FREEMAN, Elizabeth (I4884)
118 Elizabeth, daughter of Edward SHOULER, Elizabeth (I4785)
119 Emily Harris and her Husband William are noted as witnessess on the death certificate of Emily's sister, Mary Ann Jackson
Witness on the Death of her sister Mary Ann Jackson 
SHOULDERS, Emily (I207)
120 Event data added from WebSearch - IGI WALKER, Rheubin (I8166)
121 Father could be Josseph Jackson....father's name not recorded in Indexes. Eldest two brothers, father was Thomas Marchall... BEEZLEY, May (I8609)
122 Father could be Josseph Jackson....father's name not recorded in Indexes. Eldest two brothers, father was Thomas Marchall...(???) BEEZLEY, Grace Evelyn (I8610)
123 Father George Thomas Mathews is listed as deceased
Witness: James Mathews 
Family F1800
124 Father is listed as being a 'Wine Dresser'. Mother's name not listed
Informant: F C Thompson (son in law). 
MCCORMACK, Ellen (I273)
125 Father listed as being Arthur Hanratty. Buried Church of England - Rookwood.

Listed as having 9 males deceased to Edward Beasley 
HANRATTY, Mary (I8539)
126 Father's name listed as "John Quirk"
Mother's name listed as "Ally Reed"
Sponsor 1: William Burk
Sponsor 2: Elenaor Burk 
QUIRKE, John (1) (I121)
127 Father's surname Slattery SLATTERY, Catherine (I119)
128 Father: Denis McCormack
Father's Occupation: Farm Hand
Mother - Maiden Name - Mary Ann Fitzgerald
Informant: J H Bourke, Son - 6 Watson Street Paddington
Registered: 1 Feb 1940 Redfern 
MCCORMACK, Honora (I272)
129 File - FindMyPast Source (S112)
130 Florence Richer:
Age: 24
Born: Dalston London

BEARD, Florence (I3813)
131 Francis, son of Thomas SHOWLER, Francis (I4744)
132 Franciss Sctucher
Age 70
Agricultural Labourer
Born: Great Bentley Essex 
SCUTCHER, Francis (I1421)
133 Franciss Scuthcer
Age 16
Agricultural Labourer 
SCUTCHER, Francis (I1974)
134 Fred
Age: 27
Vegetable Butter Manufactor
Born: Wood Street Walthamstow 
RICHER, Frederick George (I4345)
135 General Peritontis/Length of illness 8 days MATHEWS, Susan Jane (I267)
136 George Aldwinckle 57 ,Sarah Aldwinckle 19 ,Helen Aldwinckle 19,Florence Aldwinckle 15 ,Louisa Ricker 36,Thomas Ricker 35 Charles Ricken 5,Charles Ansell 34

RICHER, Thomas Francis (I3745)
137 George Showler aged 79, of Castle Street SHOWLER, George (I4762)
138 George Showler Soldier SHOULER, George (I4840)
139 George Thomas Mathews was sentenced to 4 years hard labour after being found guilty to the 'attempt to carnally know a girl under the age of 16 years". The conviction was in 1911, and he was 36 years at the time of his arrest. MATHEWS, George Thomas (I265)
140 GRO Ref: 12/272 SCUTCHER, Matilda Emma (I4585)
141 Heber
First Name:Ellen
Date of Death:N/A
Interred Date: 7/10/1949
Location Section Graves
Mortuary Mortuary 2
Area 15
Grave 4142 
MCCORMACK, Ellen (I273)
142 Heber John
age: 56
Date: 16/03/1918
HEBER, John (I1634)
143 HeberAugustus J4908/07/1935SEC*M2*9**5510BurialROOKWOOD HEBER, Augustus Joseph (I1407)
144 HeberLawrence P4203/07/1937SEC*M2*14**2675BurialROOKWOOD HEBER, Laurence Paul (I1411)
145 Henry James Richer
Married on Jan 1915
Married at Essex
UID 09F74AEF85A54B54A8B95EA9C1B9CC631367 
RICHER, Henry James (Harry) (I4510)
146 Hole Maria Jane 1 May 1940
75y nāee Curtis; w/William Richard; mother 
BEASLEY, Maria Jane (I337)
147 RYAN, Michael (I3259)
148 Husband Thomas & daughter Mary Ann (age 14)
Johanna 37 St Johns, Kilkenny

UNKNOWN, Johanna (I8330)
149 IGI: Parents: John & Catherine (nee Slattery)
15/11/1986SD. 10/12/1986SD. 12/12/1986SD ref: 0960324/0 
QUIRKE, Margaret (2) (I306)
150 IGI: Antrim of Belfast:0444904 Film DILWORTH, Joseph (I117)

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